Shoo Shaytan from Your Dreams! (eBook with Audio)




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Series: Good Muslim Series 

Total Pages: 32 

Target: 3-5 year olds 

Format: eBook with Audio 


Interactive eBook with Audio 

Enhance your child's reading experience with our Interactive eBook that features audio buttons on each page, which your child can press to hear the story being read to them by one of the authors! Our eBook can help your children develop and enhance language, social, listening and thinking skills, and may also encourage them to read independently. Make reading time a fun and memorable experience for your little ones! 


About the Book 

A Muslim kids book with vibrant illustrations and clever read-aloud rhyme, parents will love reading this Islamic story to their young children, especially if they’ve had a bad dream. In this picture book, a four-year-old boy named Salahuddin wakes up one night from a terrifying nightmare. But his mother teaches him how to fight the cunning Shaytan, who loves to invade our dreams. 

“Keep the nightmare away from anyone’s ears, 

Because the sly little devil enjoys your fears. 

He loves to think he’s made you scared, 

So shoo Shaytan from your precious head.” 

Muslim children can learn Islamic teachings alongside Salahuddin, such as the du’a before bed and Allah’s attributes, through beautiful memorable rhymes. 

“Oh Allah, with Your name, I die and I live. 

You are the One Who always forgives.” 

Plus many more lessons taught by our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) on how to shoo Shaytan from both our life and our dreams!