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Activity Book: Salahuddin & Snowball's Favourite Things (Printable PDF)

Activity Book: Salahuddin & Snowball's Favourite Things (Printable PDF)

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Series: Good Muslim Series

Total Pages: 11

Target: 3-5 year olds 

Format: A4 Printable PDF

Find out the answer to what Snowball likes to dream about in this fun and exciting activity book!

Designed to compliment the "Shoo Shaytan from Your Dreams!" storybook, your child will absolutely love the various activities in this book that will enhance their learning, including:

  • counting;
  • join the dots;
  • tracing letters;
  • spot the difference; 
  • match the pair, and much much more!

Most of the pages are for colouring in so your child can showcase their artistic skills and be entertained for hours on end! 

Once downloaded, you are welcome to reprint this for your child/children as many times as you like. However, if one of your friends wishes to have a copy, please refer them to this website to purchase their own.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure you provide your email address so that we can send the Activity Book to you.

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  • Umisaldo A. Khair

    Umisaldo A. Khair was born in Australia and grew up in a little rural country town with a large Muslim population. In her formative years, she would spend her weekends attending her local madrasah in the morning, then reading books or playing tennis for the rest of the day. She loved to volunteer for various philanthropic positions at school, and served as a Student Councillor for 3 years at her High School before being voted as the School Head Girl in her final year. 


    Umisaldo completed a Commerce Degree, with a Triple Major in Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation, Management, and Human Resource Management. She then furthered her studies with a Masters in Human Resource Management, whilst working full time in the Australian Public Sector. After getting married and falling pregnant with her son, she decided to leave her full time job to focus on motherhood, whilst at the same time running a small business from home. 


    Umisaldo began dabbling in writing some short fiction as a way to entertain her young child. She based her stories on themes that her son was experiencing at the time—such as night terrors. Even though these stories were imperfect drafts, her son not only resonated with the events but absolutely adored them! She then partnered with her best friend of 15 years to help transform one of her child’s favourite stories into a proper book for both her son and his peers to enjoy.

  • Raihanaty A. Jalil

    Raihanaty A. Jalil was born in Malaysia to Indonesian parents and moved to Australia before the age of three. She is an avid Jane Austen reader who spent her childhood lost in her vivid imagination, playing out made-up characters in her backyard. She has been writing poetry and stories since Primary School, inspired by classic poets such as Elizabeth Barrett Browning and William Blake. She considers herself to be a jack of all trades and has led a very interesting life, taking on a variety of roles including poet, educator, entrepreneur, rapper and speaker. She believes that sharing her writing with others is akin to sharing a part of her soul. 


    Raihanaty has read her work during Perth Festival Writers Week, at The Wheeler Centre for the Digital Writers' Festival and has sat on the board for Centre for Stories. Raihanaty has facilitated poetry workshops at the Australian Islamic College for Propel Youth Arts WA. Her creative non-fiction and short fiction has appeared in the anthologies, Wave After Wave and To Hold The Clouds (Centre for Stories, Australia).

    Learn more about Raihanaty 
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